If you have just gotten pet fish, or are thinking of getting an aquarium, small tank or fish bowl, or ever thought about getting pet fish but you were unsure of how to do it, AquaPilot is the iPhone app you need to have- it takes the guesswork out and guides you every step of the way. Maybe you had pet fish before, but found they did not last very long and you are not sure why. AquaPilot will prevent you from making common mistakes that result in your new pet becoming sick, so you can get back to enjoying your fish!

You may have heard people use terms like cycle, ammonia, nitrites or nitrates, but you do not really know what that means, and have little interest in becoming an expert. Or maybe you were in the pet store and saw all the different kinds of filters and chemicals, and all the different species besides goldfish and betta fish ( like tetras, danios, cichlid, catfish ) and thought it was too overwhelming to take on. AquaPilot helps you by doing the cycling calculations for you, and selects fish for you based on the tank and filter you get; it also prevents you from selecting incompatible fish. AquaPilot gives you easy to follow instructions for how to care for your new pets and their home, and will automatically schedule your tank maintenance for you. AquaPilot even helps you diagnose and treat sick fish!

AquaPilot is currently for freshwater fish only.

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